Hokusai 36 Views of Mount Fuji

Hokusai 36 Views of Mount Fuji

Cristina Berna, Eric Thomsen

Tapa dura

210 Páginas

ISBN-13: 9788411744935

Editorial: Books on Demand

Fecha de publicación: 20.12.2023

Idioma: Inglés

Color: Sí

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The beauty of art is necessary for happiness.

In everyday life the arts give that extra dimension to life that makes it a great adventure.

The art and design in buildings, city planning, gardens and parks, roads, bridges, everything that we use daily contributes to a happy and fulfilling life.

Ugly buildings, sloppy design, poor quality workmanship, littering and defacing contributes to a miserable life.

Why would you want a miserable life? Why would you want to impose a miserable life on others?

Hokusai was not only a truly great artist.

He also sent a message to common people, who could afford to buy his low cost prints.

He conveyed the beauty of majesty, the mount Fujijama, in life.

He conveyed the beauty of scenery, he said to people, look around you and see and enjoy the beauty of the scenery.

He conveyed the beauty of a good human life , the craftmanship in making the timber, building the boat, fishing, growing tea, enjoying tea with the scenery.

The 36 Views of Mt Fuji are religious prints. But different from the typical Christian religious motif the humans are not shown focused on the diety all the time, even if Mt Fuji is shown to have a pervading influence on their lives.

The admiration and worship of Mt Fuji is often shown as incidental a single traveler of the group casting a glance at the majestic mountain while the others are busy with the many other things to do. In other words a very realistic rendition on how the divine is taking part in everyday life.
Cristina Berna

Cristina Berna

Cristina Berna loves photographing and writing. She also creates designs and advice on fashion and styling.

Eric Thomsen

Eric Thomsen

Eric Thomsen has published in science, economics and law, created exhibitions and arranged concerts.

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