The Tale of the Draconarius
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The Tale of the Draconarius

F.J. Guil Grund


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Fecha de publicación: 19.09.2022

Idioma: Inglés

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Alair is a boy who lives on the border of the late Roman Empire. In a garrisoned city that protects from raiders and raiders, Alair dreams of being the banner bearer of the legion stationed there, and there is no greater honor than wearing the Draco. With his friends Zía, Mauri, Otmaro and their inseparable Gato and the dog Ee, they live their adventure along the Great River that separates the empire from the mysterious and wooded lands of the Tribes.
Fun work in the form of a story. With a historical background that is given from the author's previous books. Profusely illustrated for children, however, it preserves the documentary style that shows precious decorations based on real monuments and archaeological pieces of the time. Childish but with a cultural touch.
Curiously, it has been financed with cameos of real people that appear in the characterized illustrations of the time!
F.J. Guil Grund

F.J. Guil Grund

Vocational artist and reenactor (historical reenactor), Fran Guil has developed an amateur career as a draftsman, painter and assorted artist. After hundreds of works, he has managed to create his own style, combining craftsmanship with just the right digital touch. And although he paints on any subject, he is motivated by history. He has published some of his prints in the prestigious Desperta Ferro magazine, painted for the Gilena Museum Collection in Seville, or the Fectio society of reenactors in the Netherlands. Making hundreds of commissioned illustrations, he is above all a graphic artist, humor and caricature being his natural means of expression. Perhaps that is why he now takes the risk of painting for children.

Encouraged by his friends, he has taken the step of writing this children's story with his best vignettes; funny, fresh and historical. Well, he himself is a reenactor (historical re-enactor).

His Instagram page is @lateromanartcompany, where you can browse some of his latest creations.

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