The Tale of the Draconarius. Alair in Siria

The Tale of the Draconarius. Alair in Siria

F.J. Guil Grund

Versión 2: The Tale of Draconarius


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ISBN-13: 9788411749497

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Fecha de publicación: 03.06.2024

Idioma: Inglés

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A year has passed since the first adventures of Alair and his brave friends. Now in the service of the Emperor, they are about to be sent on their first mission outside the borders of the River City: to none other than distant Syria, the eastern border of the mighty Sassanid Empire! Discover the Roman cities of the East, the great river Euphrates or the mysterious gods of antiquity. What new adventures await our little troop in such exotic and vast lands? Zia, Mauritius, Otmaro, Ee and the irreverent Cat, not forgetting their inseparable dragon Spes, as well as new and unexpected friends. In this second part of the Tale of the Draconarius, you will once again enjoy great sets based on real monuments, mosaics and statues, and without a doubt, so are the characters. Dozens of cameos fill its pages, as many friends have wanted to participate again in this work. Fran Guil has accepted the challenge of continuing to tell the story of Alair and his friends, as many fans of the work have asked him to do so. While retaining his cartoon style aimed at children, he has opted for illustrations full of colour and detail, showing the richness of the late Roman world with the hope of awakening in young readers a curiosity for history. Despite the touches of fantasy and artistic licence, almost everything that happens is based on real events. But, above all, it is a book by and for friends, just like Alair and his merry troop,

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F.J. Guil Grund

F.J. Guil Grund

Artist by vocation and reenactor (historical reenactor), Fran Guil has developed an amateur career as a drawer, painter and varied artist. After hundreds of works he has managed to create his own style, combining a handmade production with the right digital touch. And although he paints on any subject, he is motivated by history. He has published some of his illustrations in the prestigious magazine Desperta Ferro, painted for Colección Museográfica de Gilena in Seville, or the reenactors society Fectio in the Netherlands. He has produced hundreds of commissioned illustrations, but he is above all a graphic artist, with humour and caricature being his natural means of expression. Perhaps that is why he is now taking the risk of painting for children. Encouraged by his friends, he has taken the step of writing children's stories with his best cartoons; comic, fresh and historical. He is himself a reenactor (historical reenactor). Also in BoD, he has published "the Late Roman Cartoon Army", an informative book about the Roman army of the 4th century, and now even more ambitious "the Samurai Cartoon Armies" about the samurai armies of the 16th century. His Instagram page is @lateromanartcompany, where you can take a look at some of his latest creations.

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