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The I

The 50 Years of my Eternity | My Rational Intellectual Map after mid-century

Bepe Popu


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ISBN-13: 9788413735146

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Fecha de publicación: 19.01.2024

Idioma: Inglés

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This book presents a complete explanation of consciousness and a probable history from inert matter to the formation of single-celled life, then to multicellular and intelligent life and finally describes human consciousness. In this book consciousness is defined and the living effect that corresponds to it is described. It explains consciousness and all its states and characteristics in a very complete way.

This book is part of Bepe Popu's Theory of Everything which aims to explain everything from the formation of the universe to the emergence of life, intelligent life, humanity and describes a universal cyclical performance, but the most unusual thing is that the theory en Based on classical physics.

According to this theory, reality is constantly changing, since new effects are constantly taking shape, generating a single future reality that is the succession of the previous reality. Probable effects are those that are likely to occur. When these effects come to fruition, they become part of the current reality that will form the future reality.

The author maintains that reality is the sum of all concrete effects from probable effects. This means that any specific effect that occurs can be reproduced in the future if the conditions are met, but they will be different effects because they occur in a present different from the previous one because their own probable condition occurs.

The author also maintains that concrete effects will continue to be part of future realities, because any present effect will be a cause of future effects and future effects will be causes of the following effects. Thus a continuity is maintained that gives the cumulative character of physical reality.
Bepe Popu

Bepe Popu

Bepe Popu is a visionary thinker who has developed a comprehensive theory that aims to explain the entirety of reality. His works delve into a wide range of topics, including physical reality, life, consciousness, the living effect, knowledge, and more.

Popu's writings are marked by their originality and challenge readers to rethink established concepts. He offers insightful explanations based on existing knowledge, avoiding speculation until it can be firmly grounded in empirical evidence.

In a groundbreaking contribution, Popu has proposed a novel atomic theory that surpasses the explanatory power of any existing model. This innovative framework, rooted in classical physics, unveils a deeper understanding of the atomic world.

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