Joaquín Sorolla Landscapes

Joaquín Sorolla Landscapes

Cristina Berna, Eric Thomsen

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88 Páginas

ISBN-13: 9788413269184

Editorial: Books on Demand

Fecha de publicación: 21.11.2023

Idioma: Inglés

Color: Sí

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Sorolla was deeply interested in the history and future of Spain. His landscapes can be seen as direct commentary to the subject matter in the landscape paintings. We travel with Sorolla generally from North to South

Joaquin Sorolla (born in Valencia 1863-died in Cercedilla 1923) is one of the most successful Spanish painters ever. He was a genius in capturing the essence of the scene he was painting. He lived while photography was being invented and popularized. Some of his breathtaking landscapes show how he was familiar with and employed similar techniques as the photograph. His landscapes are a great introduction to Spanish history.

In the course of preparing for his grand masterpiece The Vision of Spain which hangs in the Hispanic Society of America, Sorolla visited many places of Spain. Here he painted types of people and local dress which made up his vision of Spain, diverse and colorful yet united.

Joaquin Sorolla painted many landscapes. Some of the landscapes are recordings like photographs. Others are exercises and development of his talent and technique. It is possible to follow his development as a master of impressionist painting by comparing landscapes by the year of completion. Sorolla only became better with age and maturity.
Cristina Berna

Cristina Berna

Cristina Berna loves photographing and writing. She also creates designs and advice on fashion and styling.

Eric Thomsen

Eric Thomsen

Eric Thomsen has published in science, economics and law, created exhibitions and arranged concerts.

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