It just wasn't enough. Life is a Story -

It just wasn't enough. Life is a Story -

Antonella Romero Costamagna Romero

Tapa dura

76 Páginas

ISBN-13: 9783710838477

Editorial: publishing

Fecha de publicación: 31.08.2023

Idioma: Inglés

Color: Sí

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Viviana didn't have much. Only a dream. The dream of becoming a doctor. But the truth is that she ended up in the army. Why? She doesn't know it herself. But then she met him.
It was unexpected. Everything happened so fast. He happened so fast. And it wasn't enough.
Antonella Romero Costamagna Romero

Antonella Romero Costamagna Romero

I don't know much about myself sincerely. I love doing sport and listening to music and I have a dog. I enjoy writing probably because I overthink too much so I have a lot of stories in my head. I'm almost 16 and I love chocolate chips cookies. That would sum me up.

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