Inside Your Coffee Cup
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Inside Your Coffee Cup

Naia Cancela Okking

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ISBN-13: 9788413261973

Editorial: Books on Demand

Fecha de publicación: 21.06.2021

Idioma: Inglés

Color: Sí

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Whether you drink coffee in the morning for energy, after lunch for dessert or you don´t drink it at all but instead use it in the phrase
"let´s grab a coffee later" to chat with a friend, there is no doubt this drink is known worldwide. However much you may enjoy it, you probably do not stop to think where it came from, the work behind it, the history of how coffee came to be and the thousands of variables that affect the taste of your favourite coffee. From the discovery of coffee, the growth of the plant, the biggest producers, some amazing drink creations, to the impact it has had on society. With this book you will be able to learn about the world´s favourite drink whilst you immerse yourself in the visual language of illustration.
Naia Cancela Okking

Naia Cancela Okking

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