Grand Bilbao. Deluxe Edition.

Grand Bilbao. Deluxe Edition.

From Industry to Art. A Personal Album.

Martin Mendo Antunez

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208 Páginas

ISBN-13: 9788413736815

Editorial: Books on Demand

Fecha de publicación: 21.02.2024

Idioma: Inglés

Color: Sí

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Grand Bilbao. Deluxe Edition.
From Industry to Art. A Personal Album.

Prologue by the architect: Bernardo I. García de la Torre

200 Pages on high quality photographic paper, 174 Photographs, 19 Historical and architectural reviews.

Discover the evolution of Bilbao, from an industrial city in decadence to a modern centre of services, tourism and culture.

Through stunning photographs, the author guides us through charming corners of the city and shows us the construction of monumental works such as the Guggenheim Museum, the bridge and the Euskalduna Palace.

This book captures contemporary views, some of which are destined to become historic, such as those of the Fine Arts Museum, Abando station and the island of Zorrotzaurre, where urban transformations are underway.

It also offers images that are already part of the past, giving an insight into the evolution of Bilbao during this transformation.
It highlights the contrast between its recent past and its vibrant present, showing how the city has successfully reinvented itself.
Martin Mendo Antunez

Martin Mendo Antunez

Martin Mendo.

Computer Systems and Networks administrator.
Enthusiast of photography, contemporary art, and new technologies.

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