30 Day Vegan Reset
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30 Day Vegan Reset

A Little Nutrition Coaching Guide

Sabrina Sznák


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ISBN-13: 9788413735467

Editorial: Books on Demand

Fecha de publicación: 27.09.2021

Idioma: Inglés

Color: Sí

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If you are looking to change your dietary habits and move towards a natural way of eating, this guide is for you. I call it 30 Day Vegan Reset, but it is more than that. Together with meal plans, I share some key concepts of vegan nutrition in a way that is easy to follow and can help you to avoid making mistakes. I also include a few tips to increase physical activity and practise mindfulness, and a few simple recipes to help you improve your kitchen skills. I hope you like them all.

But that is not all. With your purchase of this guide, you are contributing to fundraising for VFV Volunteer for the Visayans, the organisation with which I volunteered in Tacloban City and that changed my life.
Sabrina Sznák

Sabrina Sznák

I am a passionate food professional with many years experience working internationally in the food industry.
Beyond that academic background in food and nutrition, I'm a very sensitive human being... sensitive to malnutrition, to availability of (high) quality foodstuff, to eating disorders, and to food related injustices.

I have explored (and still do) what people need or lack in terms of nutrition and lifestyle, among different age-groups, backgrounds, regions, and socio-economic status. Then, in my reflection on how could I be of use, how could I serve in a manner that impacts one's life positively, I've found coaching.

I believe the issue lies in the choices we make. There is always a road to a beneficial transformation, to a better version of ourselves, yet the driver is our own will.

With every molecule of my body, I want to help you improving your decision making towards food and lifestyle choices, in a long-term and sustainable way. I want you to feel and live healthy, so you can enjoy fully the beauty of life.

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